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Sonoma County PACEs Connection (CA)

Last post as Community Manager

Writing this with a heavy heart to inform you that I will no longer serve as the Community Manager for Sonoma County PACEs Connection effective immediately.

I enjoyed reflecting on the success I had during my time as Community Manager.

  • Having collaborated with and brought together over 100 organizations
  • Provided over a dozen educational workshops and spoke as a keynote speaker on PACEs
  • Built up a strong network of stakeholders and community engagement with representation from authentic community voice
  • Created and coordinated a beautiful event Celebrating Parents as Heroes
  • Wrote blogs/articles for PACEs Connection and local news sources
  • Created opportunities for positive experiences in the lives of over 5,000 children and families since serving as Community Manager
  • Worked with Board of Supervisors and County ARPA team to make a positive change in future language for RFP's to protect organizations like SCPC

I am grateful for the opportunity to have had served as the Community Manager and I thank you for your time and the wonderful work you are doing to improve the lives of our community.

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