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January 24, 2018 ACEs Connection Meeting: How should we proceed?

At the January 24, 2018 meeting of the Sonoma County ACEs Connection, the Steering Committee organized work group sessions among members to answer our most important question: How should our group proceed moving forward? 

All over the room at Child Parent Institute there were large "Post-It" notes on the wall that the groups brainstormed answers to four questions about the direction of our group: 

(1) What do you enjoy about the General Meetings? 

(2) What could we use more of/doesn't serve us? 

(3) In a post-fire Sonoma County, where and how could we better serve our community? 

(4) Who are some speakers or what are some workshops that would be beneficial? 

Our lovely Steering Committee member, Kate Jenkins, Executive Director of Friends Outside, types up the notes from the brainstorm, and they are attached to this post. Please feel free to post any thoughts that come to mind regarding this topic (or really anything that comes to mind!). 

See you at the next General Meeting of the ACEs Connection! 


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I look forward to hearing the feedback!

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