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First Responder Resiliency Center is hosting a conference in Sonoma, CA on June 29-July 1

The First Responder Resiliency Center, a nonprofit organization, is hosting a Resiliency Conference from June 29-July 1. It will be held at Westerbeke Ranch in Sonoma, CA. 

To register: 

The First Responders Resiliency Conference is a comprehensive event where participants will be asked to learn and participate in modalities designed to create new ways of thinking, processing and utilizing creative outlets to mitigate stress and improve resiliency.

Westerbeke Ranch is an all inclusive center with full accommodations and meals provided (special dietary requests welcome). This is country property and will require the ability to walk and navigate some steps.

The program is designed specifically for First Responders who are open to learning and implementing new coping skills. By signing up you are agreeing to engage in the program.  This may include; sitting for lectures, mild to moderate exercise and stretching, receiving massage, as well as participating in team events and creative processes.

We strongly encourage participants to come with an open mind and a willingness to improve their lives.

To learn more about the First Responder Resiliency Center:

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