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Changing Minds Conference in LA- February 2

Ariane Marie-Mitchell ·
I had the pleasure of being joined by Karini Pereira (We Reach Out), Elaine Miller Karas (Trauma Resource Institute), Timothy Houghen (SBC Department of Behavioral Health), Barbara Alejandre and James Martinez (SBC School District), and Edward Barry ((SBC Probation Department) at the Changing Minds Conference on February 2. To read more about this conference, see this link: ...
Blog Post

Echo Conference Spotlight: Mental Health of Undocumented Students

Louise Godbold ·
Echo's conference this year is packed with great workshops for teachers, parents and anyone who works with children and their families. In addition to the not-to-be-missed keynotes (such as Susan Craig ), we are proud to present: Jose Ivan Arreola-Torres Workshop Spotlight: Holistic Healing for Immigrant & Undocumented Youth In this important workshop, Jose Ivan Arreola-Torres will talk about an often overlooked aspect of student mental health - the mental and emotional...

Re: Echo Conference Spotlight: Mental Health of Undocumented Students

Xeneida Brown ·
Excellent topic! Much needed.
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