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Improving our community this year and into the future (

As another year ends, I have been reflecting on some of the tragedy and political whirlwind that has happened in 2017. There’s no denying that we have seen some division in our country and in our local communities. However, this year was also one that brought a lot of us together. Through all that has happened this year, people still show kindness and a sincere desire to help those affected by disasters, mass shootings and political division.

I have witnessed people in my community go to great lengths to help people as far away as Mexico. I have seen people donating their time and resources to help those in need all over the United States and beyond our country. The people of the High Desert have done a lot this year to make our communities better places to live. It can be very easy to look at the state our world is in and become discouraged. But, when I look around, I see that there is still good in most people.

There are people in the High Desert who are making a difference in the lives of our youth. There are people working to make our cities safer and improving our quality of life. For example, I am a member of the High Desert Community Coalition (HDCC), a community organization working to address drug and alcohol issues that affect our youth. The HDCC also works to educate the community and advocate for city policies and ordinances that affect us all. If you’re not already involved, this upcoming new year would be a great opportunity for you to get involved in making some of these positive changes in our community.

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The High Desert Community Coalition meets at 5:30 p.m. the third Wednesday of each month. For more information, give us a call at 442-229-4912.

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