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A crisis of homelessness for veterans (


San Bernardino has focused like a laser on homeless veterans and the results are promising. Yet, while the county successfully housed 781 homeless veterans in less than two years, between 40 and 45 homeless veterans enter the system every month.

Gov. Jerry Brown recently signed three housing bills that should help relieve the affordable housing crisis, but there is a high cost.

On Tuesday, the Redlands City Council made local progress on this issue when it approved that city's Liberty Lane Project, an 80-unit apartment complex for homeless and low-income veterans and their families.

As we search for further solutions to the homeless crisis, I hope Redlands' Liberty Lane provides veterans a well-earned place to put down roots and enjoy the kind of life they so selflessly sacrificed to preserve for all Americans.

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Cheryl Brown of San Bernardino represented the 47th District in the California Assembly from 2012-2016.

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