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PACEs Science Glossaries

We've listed the following glossaries to help identify the language of ACEs science, and to define terms clearly and consistently. The ACEs Connection glossary comprises words and phrases we've identified, as well as those from the other glossaries below. Eventually, we'll be expanding the glossary to specific sectors, and will be including the sector-specific parts of the glossary in the respective interest-based groups.

We want the ACEs Connection glossary to be a living, evolving word list. So, in the comments, please feel free to add words and phrases, and expand definitions. We can have occasional chats to discuss them.


ACEs Connection Glossary Terms for and from the Field, 2017
Description: This list of terms have been defined with respect to ACEs science. This glossary is used organizationally at ACEs Connection and is attached for your use.

Building Community Resilience Project Glossary, 2017
Description: This glossary is a collection of terms and definitions drawn from various sources. It has been attached below for your use.

The Change in Mind Initiative Glossary, 2016
Description: The Initiative, which is a partnership between the Alliance for Strong Families and Communities and the Palix Foundation, provides a glossary of terms used in their report: Using a Brain Science-Infused Lens in Policy Development. The glossary begins on page 10 of the document.

The Language of ACEs, 2017
Description: Housed within the Community Resilience Cookbook, this list offers clarity of terms to help foster cross-sector conversations.


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