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Parent Handouts: Understanding ACEs, Parenting to Prevent & Heal ACEs (English, Dari, and Spanish)

Please contact @Christine Cissy White if there are questions regarding these parent handouts. 

These two flyers (Understanding ACEs and Parenting to Prevent & Heal ACEs) can be downloaded, distributed, and used freely. One is brand new and the other is a revision. Both flyers were made with generous support from Family Hui, a Program of Lead for Tomorrow who has also translated both so that they are available in Dari and Spanish as well as English.

Understanding ACEs
This is an updated version of the popular hand-out created and shared by the Community & Family Services Division at the Spokane (WA) Regional Health District. The first version of this flyer has been downloaded thousands and thousands of time and used by individuals and organizations. 

Understanding ACEs (English)


Understanding ACEs (Dari)

 Dari Version

Understanding ACEs (Spanish)

Parenting to Prevent & Heal ACEs 
This brand new flyer is based on the work of Donna Jackson Nakazawa who worked with us and generously allowed us to paraphrase content from her book, Childhood Disrupted: How Your Biography Becomes Your Biology & How You Can Heal. Donna's book specifically addresses those of us parenting with ACEs (which she also does brilliantly in the powerful documentary, Wrestling Ghosts, about parenting and healing from ACEs). 

Parenting to Prevent & Heal ACEs Flyer (English)


Parenting to Prevent & Heal ACEs (Dari) 

Parenting Dari

Parenting to Prevent & Heal ACEs (Spanish) 

Parenting Spanish 1Parenting Spanish 2

See below for attachment.

Please see this post in Parenting with ACEs, which has additional information at the end about Growing Resilient Communities, parenting with ACEs, and other resources.


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Hi,  Is there a way to add our pamphlet to this parent resource list?  It was written with the help of the Boston University Schools of Public Health and Social Work, the Parent/Professional Advocacy League, the Child Trauma Training Center at UMass Medical School and two parent focus groups.  We are working on the Spanish version.    Thank you.


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Understanding Childhood Trauma for Parents and Caregivers
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