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Who is Resilient Solano?

Resilient Solano is a community of people who are committed to ensuring Solano County is a resilient community working together to prevent and heal trauma. The Resilient Solano website is designed to share information so Solano County residents, agencies, and the community are aware of the effects of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and are taking steps to prevent and heal trauma. Resilient Solano is managed by Solano Kids Thrive, with input from many community agencies and collaboratives.

Training and Events

Throughout the county, trainings offered which help increase parent resilience; and which strengthen service providers' trauma informed practice, will be shared here



See the calendar for scheduled events


Learn More About ACEs and Resilience

Visit this page for information and resources related to ACEs, trauma, and resilience

Blog Posts

California PACEs Connection initiatives spark new connections in regional meeting

Among PACEs Connection initiatives around the country, it’s well known that our social network is something like a bustling, giant town square where people share ideas, resources and any number of conversations about how to prevent childhood adversity and promote positive childhood experiences. On May 14, PACEs Connection assembled a virtual town square gathering of PACEs initiatives in California, where we have 58 initiatives sparking action all across the state. Speakers at the gathering,...

Childcare providers use two- generational approach to help preschoolers from being expelled

It’s shocking: Preschoolers are three times more likely to be expelled than children in elementary, middle and high school, according to figures from the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services. Boys are four times more likely than girls to be kicked out, and African American children are twice as likely as Latinx and White children. One organization with childcare centers and mental health providers in Kentucky and Ohio began a long journey 15 years ago, when they began hearing about...

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