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Resilient Payne County (OK)

Our Community vision is to create a compassionate and resilient county where children and families thrive. And our mission is to empower trauma sensitive "community" through regional awareness and support (including financial) to reduce the number of adverse childhood experiences (ACES) while increasing resilience.

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Goal of No Hit Zones and Painless Parenting

To create an environment of comfort and safety for parents, families, and staff present in every location and facility. A No Hit Zone sets a precedent within the community and establishes a commitment to the promotion of effective parenting techniques by instilling that: No adult shall hit a child No child shall hit another child No adult shall hit another adult No child shall hit an adult Why? Who? How? A No Hit Zone is a comprehensive program that includes multiple strategies to...

OK25by25 Five Year Update Presentation Video Streaming Links []

We are excited that the Ok25by25 Early Childhood Coalition 5 Year Update is just around the corner. The presentation will "go live" on Monday, May 10th at 10:00 a.m. Our keynote speaker is Rob Grunewald, economist with the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, who will be introduced by Secretary of Human Services Justin Brown. Four interactive discussions take place between two service providers in each of four topic areas (and OK25by25 metrics) including Child Poverty, Teen Pregnancy, Food...

Genes, Environments and Time

Genes, Environments, and Time: The Biology of Adversity and Resilience Thomas Boyce, MD,a Pat Levitt, PhD,b,c Fernando D. Martinez, MD,d Bruce S. McEwen, PhD,e,† Jack P. Shonkoff, MDf,k,j,g,h,i Exposures to adverse environments, both psychosocial and physicochemical, are prevalent and consequential across a broad range of childhood populations. Such adversity, especially early in life, conveys measurable risk to learning and behavior and to the foundations of both mental and physical health.

State of The Babies Payne County

If you live in Payne County OK and are a parent of a child 0-3 years of age - Resilient Payne County and Early Childhood Coalition need your opinion. We want to improve Payne County Community Services and Programs to best meet the needs of babies. Please consider completing this survey and share with parents that live in Payne County OK. Thank you.

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