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New Resource: Responding to Collective Trauma


In response to the current war in Ukraine, the

Trauma-informed Design Society


Cowart Trauma Informed Partnership

are pleased to announce a new resource for

responding to collective trauma.

The pamphlet is intended to provide

information, resources, and assistance

to human services and other support workers

providing services to the Ukrainian people

or other populations experiencing

similar collective traumas.

Currently available in three languages, English, Ukrainian, and Polish, the document and explains why historical context matters. The pamphlet defines what a collective trauma is, provides a short history of Ukraine and its relations with Russia, and explains how Russia's invasion is being experienced as a collective trauma. It then explains the possible impacts of toxic stress and trauma, including the possibility of changes to genetic markers and what it means for a person to become "triggered."
Links to resources are included throughout the document to provide more information and help build a deeper understanding of the concepts covered.
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