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August 2021

Autumn Cooper: The Roadmap to Responsiveness

“I have an ACE Score of 10"…. I whispered aloud to myself after taking the ACE Questionnaire for the first time over a decade ago. After first hearing about the Adverse Childhood Experiences Study, frequently referred to as the ACE Study, I was hooked and have wanted to know and share all that I can about this research since that day. It is my belief that this is research that can change the shape of public health and improve the outcomes for all Americans. For those who know about this...

Oklahoma’s Community Resilience Trainers Team Up to Spread Awareness

The Potts Family Foundation supports a vital program that is helping Oklahomans become aware of the Adverse Childhood Experiences study (ACEs Study) and the risks that trauma and toxic stress can impose on our health and development, especially when experienced before the age of 18. This initiative also highlights the protective factors that we, as individuals, families, workplaces and communities, can foster that decrease the negative impact of adversities and allow people and communities...

Thomson, Guzman, Emig: Lessons from the Expanded Child Tax Credit Can Strengthen Other Safety Net Programs

The expansion of the Child Tax Credit is a bold action to reduce child poverty, built on a solid foundation of research evidence . As of July 2021, families of nearly 60 million eligible children started receiving their first advanced payment from the expanded Child Tax Credit, which increased the dollar amount of the credit, made it payable on a monthly basis, and extended eligibility to families who previously earned too little to qualify for the full credit. Unfortunately, these changes...

Connection is Protection: Improving our Grade

Our hats are off to the Okahoman for its expanded offering of thought-provoking articles including Grading Oklahoma. The full-page article in the Sunday July 18 th issue gave rise to hope that our state is once again ready to look at our shortcomings and change our priorities and policies to realize the potential of our people. Of specific focus for the Potts Family Foundation, is the health and well-being of our youngest citizens. To achieve positive change - moving from the bottom ten...

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