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4 New Communities Join ACEs Connection / January, 2021

Please welcome these four new communities to the network. Details about each of them are below as is information about starting and growing your community initiatives and joining the Cooperative of Communities . Interested in Starting a Community on ACEs Connection ? For questions about starting or growing an initiative, using our site and tools, please reach out to one of our regional community facilitators. Communities in: Northeast, Mid-Atlantic states, contact @Alison...

Sticker Shock: The Cost of New York's Youth Prisons Approaches $1 Million Per Kid []

By Steven Yoder, The Imprint, November 22, 2020 A dozen years ago , New York state revealed that taxpayers were shelling out $140,000 to $200,000 each year to house each young person in the state’s juvenile facilities. Many of these supervised residential centers and deeply troubled youth prisons lined with razor wire and high-security locked gates were less than half full. The state’s Office of Children and Family Services described in a 2008 report with a cover showing rows of empty beds,...

Directory of ACEs Connection How-Tos

JOIN How-To: Join ACEs Connection How-To: Join ACEs Connection Groups INVITE How-To: Invite Others to Join ACEs Connection How-To: Invite Others to Join an ACEs Connection Group SIGN IN & UPDATE PROFILE How-To: Sign In to ACEs Connection How-To: Update Your Profile and Contact Info How-To: Add or Change a Profile Picture EMAIL NOTIFICATIONS How-To: Customize Your Email Notifications for ACEs Connection Main Site How-To: Customize Your Email Notifications for ACEs...

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