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Power with Versus Power Over - #3 of 4 September Resilience Series

Virtual/ Online

Power with Versus Power Over - #3 of 4 September Resilience Series

Power with Versus Power Over

09/22/2021 9:30 am-11:30 am EDT

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As health professionals we can often find ourselves in the role of gatekeeper, holding knowledge of access and resources. It's a tricky role to navigate, but when we practice "power with" versus "power over" we find that being the authority figure isn't so bad! In this workshop participants will 1) discuss how we've been systematically taught to hold power over while 2) exploring what it means to have "power with" community.

Facilitator: Khaliah Pitts, MPH

Khaliah Pitts is born and raised in Philadelphia, Khaliah D. Pitts, MPH is a writer, culinary griot and curator. She considers herself a cultural memory-worker, documenting stories of the African diaspora. Although her primary medium is writing, she explores storytelling through short films, playwriting, curating events and spaces to honor cultural legacies, and, most often cooking, eating and sharing food. A lifelong creative, Khaliah dedicates her work to preserving culture, documenting stories of the African diaspora, and crafting spaces of liberation and joy. She is also a trauma-informed facilitator for audiences of all ages, specializing in cultural awareness and emotional wellness. Learn more at

Supported in part by the Philadelphia Department of Public Health

This Resiliency Series is specially offered for community members and organizations who through their work are involved with those affected by the Substance Use Crisis in Philadelphia. The stress of caring for others can affect our bodies and minds. This free virtual series is here to support our workplaces and community and is open to anyone.

Photo Credits:

Khaliah Pitts Photograph by Gabrielle Clark, 2021

Sanovia Garrett Photograph by @tracyshotme

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