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Depression in Young Children

Health Federation of Philadelphia

Instructor - Laura Hinds MSW, LCSW
1/19/16 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM (Eastern Time)

Misinterpreted, misunderstood, and mislabeled, depression in childhood is often hiding in plain sight. Because it is often missed by providers, depression in children is under-identified, under-reported, and, sadly, often left untreated. This workshop will clarify what depression may look like in children, particularly young children and will offer suggestions for how providers can help.

 By the end of this session, participants will be able to:

  • Define depression in childhood and understand associated behaviors
  • Understand how the impact of childhood depression may impede a child’s functioning
  • Discuss ways to support children in successfully coping with depressions and associated behaviors

Act 48 & PQAS credits

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Course Fee - $14       View the full course descriptions here

PaKeys STARS Training provided by the Health Federation of Philadelphia's Multiplying Connections Initiative through a grant from Philadelphia Health Management Corporation's  (PHMC) Southeast Regional Key (SERK) Program


1211 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19107

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