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Trauma and Parenting groups

Hello, everyone!

I was hoping to get feedback about introducing brain basics, trauma and ACEs (possibly...not sure if I want to do this because how sensitive the questions are) in a parenting group based in a women's and family shelter. Has anyone had experience with discussing trauma and adverse childhood experiences, especially with trauma impacted adults? Recommended activities, including videos?  Do you think the TEDtalk of Nadine Burke Harris would be too much? I do have a great video that was sent to me by another advocate called "How Brains are Built: The Core Story of Brain Development." I like that one as well.

Any feedback would be appreciated.

Thanks so very much. 

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Leslie, Thank you very much. Yes, I think I will go with the "How Brains are Built" video. Mike O'Bryan recommended it. My thoughts were the same about the TEDtalk. I am leaning towards a discussion about ways we as parents can create a system of support for our children and ourselves to reduce the impacts of trauma, even if the families are in a very stressful situation already.  If anyone has any thoughts, please, I welcome them all!

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