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Tools for a Trauma Informed Philadelphia


Blueprint for a Safer Philadelphia

Mission: To end youth homicides in the city of Philadelphia by the year 2016 by leveraging the resources, expertise, and capacity of a wide range of community and government stakeholders.


The Office of the Philadelphia District Attorney:

"A number of the initiatives build on the existing collaboration among local, state, and federal law enforcement and prosecutors. This law enforcement "Blueprint For a Safer Philadelphia" combines a variety of measures which, taken together, will empower police and probation officers, increase social service support in critical areas, and refocus the judiciary to more effectively deal with violent crime."

Read More: Blueprint for a Safer Philadelphia

The Philadelphia Multicultural Music Center for Non-Violence (PMMC)

- PMMC is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization designed to provide structured lessons and guidance to low-income, inner city, elementary school age children. 

- They are committed to their mission to reduce violence in the community and raise awareness of the need for more public and private-sector involvement in curbing the escalating violence in the streets of Philadelphia and surrounding areas.

Visit their website for Events here:

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Where Can I Learn More About Trauma Informed Care?

Philadelphia is home to a number of excellent academic institutions and community based organizations that provide training, technical assistance, continuing education and professional development on trauma informed practice.Β  Many of the courses, workshops and webinars are available free of charge or for very low cost.Β  The calendar on the Multiplying Connections website is one place to find a number of these types of opportunities.Β  Check it out atΒ

If you know of a training in the Philadelphia area that you would like to have posted on thisΒ  calendar contact Multiplying Connections atΒ

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