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An open letter to Governor Wolf:

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Childhood Trauma:

    "The elephant in the [class] room".. . and it doesn't "just go away"


Dear Governor Wolf and Education Secretary designee Rivera :

I write regarding injured, marginalized children in our schools, to ask that you include them explicitly in a broad, “Healthy State” paradigm in your new administration.


Read more at: WHYY NewsWorks…/childhood-trauma-versus-public-e…/


After reading the blog,

      please take a moment to call, email, or tweet the Governor and Pedro A. Rivera

     (Contact info at end of blog post)



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Daun, This letter is an incredible example of how we should and can engage in policy change while educating our elected officials and the general public.  The way in which you outlined the role of childhood trauma, in particular ACEs, and the implications for education, is incredible! Thank you so much for providing such a great example for those of us wanting to engage in trauma informed policy work! 

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