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Kitsap Strong's 3rd Annual Resiliency Summit

Kitsap Strong is excited to launch the 3rd Annual Resiliency Summit! In the hopes of making an engaging and inclusive virtual education experience, we have arranged for a full month of Lunch Time Learning sessions during the Month of October! This month-long (Monday - Friday) lunch and learn series will be a hope-filled experience in connecting, learning, and growing together to build a more resilient community!  We are honored to offer increadible sessions provided by:

Roberto Dansie- Cultural Wisdom

Michael Tuncap- Center for Guided Pathways

Tif Sudela-Junker- XParenting

The YWCA of Kitsap County

Sue Miglino- Dispute Resolution Center

Linda Segur- Parent Child Assistance Program

Mary Allison Brown- Ever Evolving Personal Growth

Delena Meyer- Way Enough Decision Coaching

Jodie Knowles- Luminous Minds Project

Teresa Posokony- Emerging Wisdom

Jerod Grant- Cultures Connecting

Kody Russell- Kitsap Strong

A full lineup of presenters and session descriptions will be available soon!

In addition to virtual presentations, we will also be hosting community conversations each Friday to process and discuss the week's offerings. These will be coffee shop conversations with local leaders to help us process and explore the content from the full week.

Each week will focus on different domains/perspectives on Resiliency including Cultural Resilience - Week 1, Community Resilience - Week 2, Individual Resilience - Week 3, and the Intersections between these different domains of resilience - Week 4.

Dates: October 1-30th (Monday to Friday)
Time: 11:30 am to 1:00 pm

Ticket Information: We are honored to continue facilitating opportunities to learn and connect through these unprecedented times. We know that the pandemic is exacerbating some existing inequities in our community, exposing/creating new inequities, and impacting each member of our community differently.

In light of this, we are hoping to make the 3rd Annual Resiliency Summit Month as engaging, informative, inspiring, and inclusive as possible. Knowing that each organization and individual has different resources to collectively support this learning opportunity for our community, we would like to offer various funding levels and invite you to contribute whatever is appropriate for your circumstances:


We look forward to diving into resiliency with you!

Click here to register!


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