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The Hidden Biases of Good People: Implicit Bias Awareness Training

The Dibble Institute is pleased to present an introductory webinar by Rev. Dr. Bryant T. Marks Sr. of the National Training Institute on Race and Equity , which will provide foundational information on implicit bias. It will focus at the individual level and discuss how implicit bias affects everyone. Strategies to reduce or manage implicit bias will be discussed. Broadly speaking, group-based bias involves varying degrees of stereotyping (exaggerated beliefs about others), prejudice...

ACEs Aware: Supporting & Building Resilience in Children in the Office & School

Join the Children's Hospital of Orange County & a group of local experts in this 2-part ACEs Conference! Deepen your understanding of short and long-term physical and psychological effects of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) Enhance your skills in identifying children with ACEs Learn how to approach overall care for children with increased clinical risk for toxic stress. Featuring: Dr. Michael Weiss Dr. Heather Huszti Dr. Reshmi Basu Dr. Sheila Modir Rebecca Hernandez Register in...


Seeking trauma-informed medical care

On the chance that someone here can offer a referral or advice, I'm looking for a trauma-informed medical doctor who can be my wife's Primary Care Physician. She is 39 years old and has gone without medical care for over 27 years as a result of her childhood trauma which involved severe neglect and long-term social isolation. I need to find a physician who is willing to communicate with me before her first appointment so I can fully explain her condition and what kind of approach will best...Read More...
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Trauma Informed Training

Marlene Sanders
Hello Community, My name is Marlene and I am the Community Manager for Orange County ACEs Connection. I'm reaching out to all of you, in efforts to gain knowledge for Trauma Informed training in the field of Dentistry. If anyone has any Trauma Informed training materials in the sector of Dentistry, would you be willing to share it with me? Also, I would appreciate any perspective on the experience and/or insight to the following question: What are some situations in Dentistry, that can...Read More...
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