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Michigan ACEs Action (MI)

Healthy and resilient kids, families, and communities are the foundation for a flourishing, vibrant region. We are dedicated to creating a trauma-informed Michigan and working together across sectors to share our efforts in building resilience and reducing toxic stress for Michigan children and families.

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This is an awesome video and shows that by planting and growing a trauma informed community and State (of Michigan), we can really work together to


1. Be able to understand our fellow citizens' suffering (our children's friends, our friends who are having a hard time at work or in the community etc). 

2. We can not only see the origin of the suffering, we can start to understand the origin of the suffering (and I would say the diminution of every suffering human's potential). 




3. By seeing the origin of suffering and understanding the origin of suffering, WE can be a resilience resource.  It is not that hard to care about a neighbor or a neighbor's child or your own child's best friend...


I am from Michigan....


I was born in Tawas (Iosco County).  I grew up in Arenac County.  This county is very poor with very few if any resources.


I was helped out tremendously by church leaders and teachers who understood that We Can Make A Difference and we can help to grow a child who could potentially become a 


1. Valedictorian of her undergraduate class at Lake Superior State University (happened to me). 

2. Get through the Michigan Child Welfare system and succeed (happened to me). 

3. Go to two very prestigious institutions to learn about biomedical research (happened to me). 

4. Do Cancer Research and help with the discovery of a very new and exciting medication to help those with cancer (happened with me). 

5.  Grow a Medical Student (yep also happened with me). 

6.  Grow a medical student who understands the very real impacts of childhood adversity and how hard it is to succeed in a world where there are few resources (Yep happened to me).  

7. Have that medical student and now Doctor dedicate her life to mitigating childhood adversity and abuse (yep Happened to me).  


What an awesome capability we all have.


It only takes a little education, dedication, and care for our kids. 




I could have ended in Juvenile Justice (unlikely - I was an internalizer - see any attachment research.  I would suggest Allan Schore or Bruce Perry) or Prison (happens to most from my particular circumstance). 


Instead I have paid lots in taxes and have not taken a dime in my adult life. 


Sounds like a Grand Challenge to me.  

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You are right. Why wouldn't we do this?  We don't realize that the simple things like the annoying neighbor who won't mow his lawn... Maybe it is ACEs??? Childhood Adversity creates a lot of fear (maybe of machines- Stephen King comes to mind -- and so does my dad who made me help him "fix" all kinds of machines, including trucks, combines, rototillers and plugged septic tanks) -- or going outside or just being seen by people in general) or worse the shooting at the local gas station where we just filled up... 


Many people think something like:  Not my problem, let someone else deal with this, but the truth be told...This is all our problem and we all can take a part as pieces of the solution... We can have a great Michigan! We can have a state (it is a beautiful state with it's wondrous lakes) where people feel safe and happy to be and to raise their families.   


pictured rocks national lakeshore

 Picture Rocks National Lakeshore: Photo Credit Dr. Hahn (taken with my iPhone). 


That is my goal.... 


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