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Michigan ACEs Action (MI)

Healthy and resilient kids, families, and communities are the foundation for a flourishing, vibrant region. We are dedicated to creating a trauma-informed Michigan and working together across sectors to share our efforts in building resilience and reducing toxic stress for Michigan children and families.

Hello Everyone, 

We have a group of incredibly varied and diverse members in our Northern Michigan Trauma-Informed Community Action Group.  


Many of you have links to others outside of work that may also be interested in learning more about Adverse Childhood Experiences, Toxic Stress , Disrupted Neuro-Development and  How Trauma-Informed and Resilience building practices can improve the health of a community (not only physical health, but mental health and group social health--reduced drug and alcohol use, reduced child abuse, reduced school failure, reduced prison, reduced need for disability benefits etc).   I am placing this Forum Topic Here to request ideas and suggestions from other members of our group for individuals we could reach out to in an effort to increase community awareness of the negative effects of ACEs and the positive effects of Positive Childhood Experiences (Resilience Factors).  


Thanks Everyone.  



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This is a very hot subject right now for Great Start Collaboratives. (GSC)  There is a GSC in every county in MI.  Each GSC is made up of a diverse board from the community that focuses on Early Childhood Education and Programming.  This is a great network to get the word out, however it is up to each GSC Coordinator as whether to focus on it in their area.


I am interested in presenting information about ACEs to my Isabella and Gratiot County Community Collaboratives (HSCC) as well as my own board.  What I am struggling with is to find someone that would be able to provide a quality presentation.  I believe that if there is a resource for presenters that is affordable or free, the GSCs would be willing to get the word out.

Hi Marni,


I have been asked to give a presentation on ACEs/Toxic Stress and Trauma Informed Care to the Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti Child Abuse Concil.  I have given several talks on ACEs and Toxic Stress. I do them for free or just ask (if it is possible) a small fee to cover gas, hotel and a day or two in the kennel for my dogs.  I was  asked by the Great Start Collaborative via the school psychologist to go to the last meeting in Alpena but I couldn't figure out the time or date.   So I missed it.  I would be willing to come to spread the word on ACEs and  toxic stress. It is incredibly important to our kids.  Just let me know when.   


Oh and If you could find the contact information for the Great Start Group in Alpena, Alcona, Presque Isle, Arenac, Iosco, Gladwin --- I am probably missing some counties---- I would speak to them also!!!! (For free). 


Thank you


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I would be interested in having further conversations about having you
present for my Board and Community Collaboratives. Let me get some dates
together to send you. I am thinking it would be September or October

Here is a link to all of the Great Start Collaborative Director
<>s. I
know that Clare/Gladwin County is in the process of developing a plan to
incorporate ACEs and Strengthening Families Protective Factors
<> (see bottom of this
link for another link for more info) into the work that they do. I am not
sure about the rest. Maureen Hollocker, Director of Charlevoix/Emmet GSC
is a trained presenter on ACEs as well. She does it for a state or
regional network of some sort. I can't remember what she said, but she
charges a significant amount and she is hard to pin down because she is so
busy. However, she might be a great contact. I know she has done some
wonderful things in her area in regards to this work. I hope that helps.

Here is my email address Feel free to shoot me an
email if you have any other questions about the Great Start Collaborative I
might be able to answer.


Marni Taylor
Great Start Collaborative
(989) 433-2962 ext 320
(989) 560-1627 cell

GSC Website <>

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