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Adult Children have replaced REAL Children

I can't help but notice a very serious and obvious problem thats been happening over the decades that I first noticed as a child in the early 70s.
That is the health destruction, especially emotional, psych, spiritual, that has been taking place for more than 5 decades.

What I Knew then was that the "grown ups" all around me were nothing more than adult children. What I've come to realize was ALL part of the Disabling and Crippling of health so those in "power" can loot the world and the public are Too sick and unfit to stop it.
This is Not an excuse. Due to the Crippling effects of my Undermining, not upbringing, it was Clear what was happening. It was NOT confusing. The body doesn't lie.
If those in "power" in the "family" by the Millions in the US neglect, emotionally abuse, kill, sexually abuse, water down, neglect their own children, its utterly shameful for grown people to expect Fauci, Gates, Hochel, "doctors", "health care" and the Corporate Gov to care about them.
Who doesn't know by now that we live in, what John Perkins who authored the 2004 book Confessions of an Economic Hitman, a Death Economy?
I do not hear the term Adult Child get used often enough, especially in these 2 years of a "pandemic".
Why Real emotional health issues aren't as serious a concern as Hyped physical ones is great cause for concern.
But, then again, how can they concern people when they're completely unaware of their own condition?
These are not pleasant issues to face but, face them we must if we are to survive.
Major house cleaning is underway.

I knew since the 70s and have been beyond passionate about Self Actualization. It was more than clear that emotional, psychological health was being robbed and undermined in many "families" and "communities".
Working class families have a poverty mentality, low self worth, low self confidence more often than more educated, middle and upper class people. They set the bar for themselves far too low.
I do not believe, of course, that there are not many exceptions to this but, generally speaking, this has been what I witnessed since the 70s.
The working class people I was, and still am to a large degree surrounded by, set a low bar for themselves and their quality of life physically, emotionally and spiritually.
They do not have anyone setting an example of what it is to be accomplished, smart, courageous or authentic.
Why the "Family" doesn't get included as one of the most health crushing institutions on earth is beyond my comprehension.
How adult people can expect Fauci or Big Pharma, the NIH, the FDA or CDC to care about their health and welfare when Millions of children have been abused, abandoned and neglected by the very people who should protect them the most for decades makes my head spin.

The decades long history of the US Corporate for "profit" Gov with its death economy has been in existence for over a half a century.
I knew in the early 70s we lived in, what I called it then, a Dig into the Muscle and Bone system.
For someone like me, and millions like me and worse, who never had 1 adult step up to the plate for our well being, it's not difficult at all to KNOW, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that Big Pharma, Fauci, Gates, Biden, Trump, Bush, Obama, the FBI, the CIA, the NSA, the MIC do not give a SHIT about you.
That reality is understood by the treatment you get from "family" and neighbors who are the scaled down version of the Evil Corp Gov.
Myself and millions like me as children and teens had to get into the drivers seat and take responsibility for their lives because NO one else was.
Isn't it time Grown people do that?
I had to do what the "grown ups" Failed to 5 decades ago.
If children have failing "leaders" by the tens of thousands I'd say that's a clear symptom of the same on a larger scale.
Passing the debt, pollution, shame, guilt to the most vulnerable was normal.
To have the youth be here to bail out and excuse their failed "leaders" when it should have been the other way around was considered normal.
Rather than standing up to their failing "leaders" to protect the most precious they simply became the abusers. They joined in.
When people don't have or know what emotional health is, when they guilt and criminalize Healthy youth for being psychologically HEALTHY AND SPIRITED who simply want to LIVE and their healthy adverse responses get pathologized rather than the "adults" admitting THEY are wrong and take steps to adjust, covid jabs are the Least of our problems!

We have a pandemic of Coward.

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