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CRM Workshops for YWCA for Youth and Foster Grandparents


The Healthy Blue Initiative supported a 3 series CRM workshops for the Grandparents Support Network (GSN) at the YWCA providing the biology-based wellness skills for grandparents and youth.

The series consisted of:

First session: An introduction to the Community Resiliency Model for grandparents to learn the skills and be able to use them for themselves and their well-being as well as have a common language to use with their grandchildren.

Second session: The children/youth learned the key concept of the Resilient Zone and practiced the wellness skills.

Third session: The grandparents/great grandparents and their grandchildren joined together for a review of the Resilient Zone to help establish the common language to communicate when they are upset or "out of their zone." They also practiced the Help Now skills.

This is a photo of some of the CRM teachers, volunteers, and YWCA staff.

Learn more about the GSN through the YWCA.

Grandparents Support Network (GSN) Information

Thank you, Healthy Blue and our partners for making this series happen!! The grandparents/great grandparents were very grateful for this information!!


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