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Monroe County ACEs Connection (IN)

A hub for collaboration and sharing information, resources, and ideas on educating about and preventing ACEs, healing trauma, and building resilience in Monroe County, Indiana.

Blog Posts

Op-ed: In Indy, an alternative to jail for mental illness and addiction []

The city of Indianapolis’ new Assessment and Intervention Center, which will provide a safe place to stay — and an alternative to arrest — for our neighbors with mental health and addiction treatment needs, recently opened to the public. It couldn’t have come at a better time. The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated our community's existing mental health and addiction challenges, which are often felt most acutely by vulnerable individuals such as those who are within the criminal justice...

Bloomington Plans To Reallocate Funds For Five Sworn Officers To Social Service Related Positions []

Bloomington city leaders plan to move five police officer positions to social service positions within the department. In a zoom call Thursday , they talked about actions the city will take for racial justice. Bloomington Mayor John Hamilton says these efforts will also include a request that the Board of Public Safety form an advisory committee to study what public safety efforts should look like long-term. Police Chief Mike Diekhoff says keeping the reallocated positions in the department...

Stride Coalition Opens Diversion Center []

BLOOMINGTON - Individuals in Monroe County who are experiencing a mental health or substance use crisis have a new source for help besides an emergency room or the local jail. The Bloomington-based Stride Coalition has opened The Stride Center which offers a place for police to take individuals in need instead of going into the criminal justice system. The 24-hour crisis diversion center in downtown Bloomington was opened to better help those with substance abuse disorders. The coalition...

California reaches milestone with ACEs initiatives pulsing in all 58 counties. Next: All CA cities.

Karen Clemmer, the Northwest community facilitator with ACEs Connection, was already deeply interested in the CDC/Kaiser Permanente Adverse Childhood Experiences Study when she and a colleague from the Child Parent Institute were invited to lunch by ACEs Connection founder and publisher Jane Stevens in 2012. But that lunch meeting changed everything. Karen Clemmer “Jane helped us see a bigger world,” says Clemmer. “She came with a much wider lens. She didn’t look only at Sonoma County, she...

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