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Local Artist & Author: Martina Franklin Poole


Mental health affects all of us. There are different avenues that can be taken to find healing from trauma and to pursue the life we dream of. With mental health, there are a myriad of ways to heal & a "one size fits all approach" doesn't apply. Some of us find healing and meaning in yoga, interpretive dance, art, creative writing, support groups, exercise,  psychotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectic behavior therapy, and so much more!

I recently had the pleasure of (virtually) meeting one of the Mid-Valley's own talented authors & artists: Martina Franklin Poole. She authored and illustrated a book, entitled, An Artist's Travel Log: an illustrated memoir of exploration in a wilderness obscured by trauma.

"Feeling unable to access the vocabulary she needs to describe her struggles, Martina rediscovers her sketchbook, illustrating her symptoms and emotions with creative fluency. Her artwork is accompanied by written reflections. As she looks back over each piece she identifies how weekly therapy sessions help provide a path toward healing. Openly and honestly compiled, An Artist's Travel Log is an unusual memoir that will interest anyone whose life has been affected in some way by mental health issues." *

Her book is for sale on Amazon: & can be found at Barnes & Noble. Amazon donates a percentage of the proceeds to an organization that helps people working through complex post-traumatic stress disorder.

For additional insights & more from Martina Franklin Poole, check out her blog, where she shares her mental health experiences @

*If you would like to read this book but cost is a prohibitive, the author has graciously donated some copies. Email us at if you would like to borrow a copy of this amazing book.

*Book description from Amazon & artwork copywrite Martina Franklin Poole, used with permission.

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