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PACE Task Force of Shelby County (TN)

We raise community awareness about the role of trauma in health - mental, physical and behavioral - and to create an innovative paradigm shift in the medical system. This will be carried out through the creation of warm, accessible and inviting parenting sites that create relationships to help families prevent and intervene early in the trauma affecting their children.

Tennessee looks to change culture on childhood trauma[The Tennessean]

Many of the state’s top officials spent Thursday morning playing a brain game — fitting together pipe cleaners and straws to create brain networks that would withstand weights that represent the effects of toxic stress on a child’s developing brain.

First lady Crissy Haslam worked with Tennessee Supreme Court Chief Justice Sharon Lee. At a nearby table TennCare Director Darin Gordon and Department of Human Services Commissioner Raquel Hatter puzzled through creating their own sturdy brain model, as did lawmakers, mayors, judges, doctors, child welfare experts, philanthropists, business executives and educators.


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