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40 Acres and a School - Fundraising for Black Liberation in Massachusetts


I am a member of Done for DiDi: White Labor Collective - an international direct giving collective instructed by Black women and non-men organizers and executed by a network of white labor. We are redistributing white wealth - money, land, time, skills, and resources - to Black women and non-men. I’m sharing with your group the opportunity to participate and amplify an incredible campaign called 40 Acres and a School.

The project is led by DiDi Delgado and Black Marginalized Genders (MaGes). A goal of the initiative is to raise $1 million for the purchase of a community farm focused on the sustainability and generational wealth of Black organizers. This new project is an urgent initiative for Black movement-builders, artists, educators, visionaries, healers, and communities. Plus, it will facilitate the self-determination, sustainability, and generational wealth that Black MaGes deserve. This space will be where leaders in Black liberation can be supported though such resources as housing, transportation, and compensation. More information on 40 Acres and a School and how you can support this campaign can be found at and contribute directly here:

You can also find the fundraising kit here:

For fellow white folks:

Reparations are due - if we keep waiting for the government to repair, we will be waiting a very long time.

Reparations are not charity. They are one part of dismantling the ongoing harm and violence of white supremacy. The collective members at Done For DiDi and I are focused on long-term accountability and deep relationships of repair.

So if you’ve posted Black Lives Matter, put a black square as your profile picture, or shared social media posts about antiracism, this campaign is an opportunity for you to align your actions with your words. Every dollar adds up!

Some more details:

Over the next 2 years,DiDi Delgado and The #DoneForDiDi team, leaders in the national direct reparations movement, will raise $5M to purchase, reclaim and build out a Black Liberation Epicenter on the colonized lands of New England.  This begins with crowdsourcing $1M by the end of 2021.

Who’s leading?

DiDi Delgado:


What’s the plan

Forty Acres and A School is our radical initiative to build transformative futures and change the redlining of property into green: a farm in Massachusetts growing food and medicine, with money going directly into the hands of Black folks. We will build a community center and farm to realize self-determination, sustainability and generational wealth.

Plans for the farm include:

  • A community healing space for retreat, ritual, and respite
  • An intergenerational Freedom school
  • A community farm growing food and healing supplies
  • Spaces for artistic exploration and expression of Black identities and Black liberation
  • Restorative and transformative justice facilitation around cannabis and other issues that have typically resulted in incarceration and oppression for Black communities
  • Housing for Black visionaries and freedom fighters
  • Accessible and reliable transportation to and from the farm and the school
  • Compensation for the Black radical thought leaders who will guide educational programming.

Ok, I’m in, what can I do?!

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