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Unconditional care begins with good self care

I'm pleased to share information on our next training in our series on trauma informed strategies for the community!   In April, we will focus on how addressing issues of self-care and self-awareness lead to the outcomes we all are striving for children, families and neighborhoods.

In the same way dirt gets under the gardener's nail, trauma work has an impact. 

Join us as we focus on finding balance and understanding the importance of self-awareness so that we can best provide unconditional care to others.

Featured Speakers:

Laura van Dernoot Lipsky

Laura van Dernoot Lipsky, founder and director of The Trauma Stewardship Institute and author of Trauma Stewardship: An Everyday Guide to Caring for Self While Caring for Others, and The Age of Overwhelm: Strategies for the Long Haul.  She has worked directly with trauma survivors for more than three decades.  She has worked with groups as diverse as zookeepers and reconstruction workers in post-Hurricane Katrina New Orleans, community organizers and health care providers in Japan, U.S. Air Force pilots, Canadian firefighters, public school teachers, private practice doctors, tiny non-profits, massive state agencies, libraries, the Pentagon, alternative colleges, and Ivy League universities. Much of her work is being invited to assist in the aftermath of community catastrophes–whether they are fatal storms or mass shootings. She has worked locally, nationally, and internationally. Laura is known as a pioneer in the field of trauma exposure.



Holistic Life Foundation

The Holistic Life Foundation (HLF) is a Baltimore-based 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization, founded in 2001 by Andres Gonzalez, Atman and Ali Smith, committed to nurturing the wellness of children and adults in underserved communities. Their comprehensive approach helps children develop through yoga, mindfulness, and self-care.  HLF demonstrates a deep commitment to learning, community, and stewardship of the environment. HLF is also committed to developing high-quality evidence based programs and curriculum to improve community well-being. The work of Holistic Life Foundation has been featured on Making a Difference on the NBC Nightly News, CNN, and CBS, as well as O the Oprah Magazine, The Washington Post, Upworthy, Mindful MagazineYoga JournalShambala Sun, and many other publications.



Tonier Cain

Tonier Cain is the founder and CEO of Healing Neen, Inc. and a nationally recognized inspirational speaker and trauma care expert that has traveled to every state to train mental health professionals on how to better serve people like her.  Neen continues to transform her own life while helping others to embrace her motto “where there’s breath, there’s hope. ”For two decades, Neen hustled on the streets of Annapolis, Maryland, desperately feeding an insatiable crack addiction and racking up 83 arrests along the way.  Rapes and beatings were a routine part of life; home was underneath a bridge or inside the locked cage of a prison.  In 2004, pregnant and incarcerated for violation of parole, she was provided the opportunity to go to a community trauma, mental health and addictions program.  Feeling safe for the first time in her life, Neen confronted the haunting childhood memories that she tried to numb with drugs.  Realizing for the first time that she had been a victim, she began to heal and reclaim power over her life, embarking on a remarkable “upward spiral,” that has no limit.


$39 per person. Group rates available when registering 10 or more by contacting Kerry Fair at 240-513-6370.

3 Cat I CEU's available through the Maryland Board of Social Workers.

  • Please check with your licensing board for approval and acceptance.

 Questions, comments call Kerry Fair at 240-513-6370 or email






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