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Trauma-Informed Community Program (Maryland State Department of Human Services)


Charles County Department of Social Services (CCDSS) and community partners are seeking an evidence-informed, structured training series to develop a trauma informed child welfare model of service provision.

The selected trauma informed series will give public agency staff and local community partners a mutual understanding of trauma and how to meet the needs of our clientele in a more collaborative and comprehensive way. This series will also result in the development of policies and processes to guide practice by all partners in implementing a trauma-informed approach.

This effort is intended to meet the underlying needs of clients in a collaborative manner. CCDSS is seeking an individual or organization with demonstrated expertise in working with child-serving communities to develop and implement a trauma informed approach to working with children and families as well as addressing the secondary trauma needs of the individuals providing the services.

Point of Contact
The Point of Contact (POC) for this opportunity name and contact information is listed below. Please contact the POC if you have any questions or need assistance.

POC: Anthony Sullivan
Title: Procurement Officer
Phone: 301.392.6621
Fax: 301.392 6768

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