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"The Tale" -Sundance Film Festival - Child Sexual Abuse & Pledge to Prevent.Org Resources


On May 26th at 10PM HBO will premiere “The Tale” - a powerful movie about child sexual abuse that promises to be as important and compelling as the film "Spotlight," perhaps even more. The most talked about film at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year, it is writer/director Jennifer Fox’s stunning self-exploration of her own childhood sexual abuse by two trusted mentors. Laura Dern and Ellen Burstyn play the lead roles.

"The Tale" succeeds in educating viewers about the reality of sexual abuse in a way that perhaps only survivors have truly understood. Survivors, themselves, will be heartened at such an honest look at the issue, though in the aftermath, many will likely seek out support services to help them process the impact of the film on their own experiences. To support survivors and their families, the Enough Abuse Campaign has posted a list of over 100 online survivor resource links in its “Get Help” section.


One  reviewer described the film’s “...grave finale that stuns you into silence, then, hopefully, something more.”  Enough Abuse director Jetta Bernier comments: “It is the stealth of silence that has allowed sexual abuse to thrive for so long in our homes and communities. Now it’s the “something more” that must be everyone’s focus. 

The film provides prevention with a prime opportunity to harness the energy generated by the film and empower individuals to take specific, practical actions to prevent child sexual abuse from ever occurring. Join the movement. Take action. Visit to learn how. 

View "The Tale" trailer here


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