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Redefining How We Think About Treatment

Nneka Nnamdi and Amadeus Kouyate - Movement is Medicine

As the Thriving Communities Collaborative continues to move toward a more trauma informed Baltimore, we furthered our focus on community healing.  At the November 4th meeting we explored healing through the arts led by Nneka Nnamdi of The Living Well. Her presentation, Movement is Medicine, focused on of the importance of non-traditional, culturally relevant approaches to healing.  Additionally, David Klock and Renee Angelo from the Choice Program at UMBC spoke about their model for building resilience in teens, a model that employs young college graduates to go into the homes of at risk youth to assist by nurturing characteristics that foster resilience.


As a society, we really do need to adjust our focus and begin leveraging more strategies for healing in our communities. It's so critical for non-traditional therapies to begin to be funded as part of our health and wellness programs.


Read the entire blog article here: Redefining How We Think About Treatment


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  • Nneka Nnamdi and Amadeus Kouyate - Movement is Medicine: Nneka Nnamdi and Amadeus Kouyate presenting Movement is Medicine

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