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Progress is Success!


We live in a world that is so fast paced. People are always looking for quick answers and multitasking to achieve more in a shorter time!

The past couple of years has been extremely difficult. Many of us were forced to halt, not just pause but stop! That can be a very hard process for our minds, emotions, brain and our body. Having withdrawals from a fast paced life is not something we are taught to be prepared for. So here we are, everyone managing the best way we know how. We are resilient and for many of us, our survivor instincts took us through. When our survival mode kicks in, it usually means we feel unsafe in the space we are in. There are no certainties for tomorrow because every day seems to be a fight to get through!

The world is changing so rapidly. We are all figuring out the balance between the old and the new way of living. We must remember as we take these steps forward that every small step is progress. And Progress is Success!

It can be very exhausting though. Honestly, the stretching of the past two years, and the continued tragedies around the world we are exposed to every day, is not easy on any of us. We are all struggling in some way.

As we move forward, we need to be mindful to not still be operating in survival mode. It raises our stress and anxiety levels and over time forces us to operate in a toxic mode of learning to “manage through this phase”. We will burn out; if we do not allow ourselves to transition through this very gently.

Grieve if you need to. Rest whenever you can. Take things slow and find your pace.

Here are some simple questions you can answer.

Are you just trying to get through the day? Are you exhausted to even answer the phone because you’ve had enough. Does everything seem urgent to you? Everything seems to be a deadline on your calendar! You are constantly stressed out or tired. It is affecting your sleep, your breathing, your moods and your attention span. Nothing seems to be going well. Very little brings true joy for you. Every response or reaction by someone towards you brings you stress & anxiety!

Many will answer yes to these questions because of what we have collectively walked through these past few years. But, just because we are all dealing with similar challenges, does not mean we have to be coping the same way. In order for us to live in health regardless of the changes around us, we need to make changes within us.

How can you step out and feel safe again?

Be kind to yourself. Be kind to the people you meet. So much has changed, so much loss has happened. We are all grieving the loss of something or someone. Every step we take today counts towards growing and regaining our familiar ground. Acknowledge what you are going through but remember you will heal.

So start dreaming, make new plans and be excited about what’s ahead for you! Remember, it is okay to take it slow. There will be a great desire to “get back into it!”. To rush and say yes to every opportunity that knocks on your door. The impulse to fill up your time with as many adventures as possible will be there. The most important thing you can do for yourself now is to set those healthy boundaries.

Being mindful to set priorities to what you allow in your space today, will set the pace for your healing and growth. Respect and honour the quality of what you bring into your emotional space.

A little every day. Do what you can and don’t force what is not yet yours to gain. Take your time and give time for others to heal, grow and build again. Give yourself the permission to enjoy the simple pleasures in life as great adventures. With every step, keep in mind that Progress is Success. 

Be grateful for what you have around you today.  And most importantly, Ask For Help.

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