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Children's Hospital Los Angeles Awarded $2 Million to Address Adverse Childhood Experiences []

From BioSpace, June 4, 2021 Children’s Hospital Los Angeles has been awarded a $2 million grant from the state of California to study a precision medicine approach to screening children for adverse childhood experiences. The three-year grant—part of the California Initiative to Advance Precision Medicine —was announced by the Governor’s Office of Planning and Research, in partnership with the Office of the California Surgeon General. Adverse childhood experiences, also called ACEs, are...

Why We Need To Shift the Power in Sexual Assault Investigations (

A few months ago, an adult survivor of childhood sexual assault called me from under a table, where she had been huddled for the last hour and a half. Her story, which she will tell herself, and in her own words, is one of almost unimaginable trauma: she was abused by her own father and then trafficked internationally to pedophiles. Investigators – lawyers and former officers from all branches of law enforcement and the military – have been interviewing the survivor for the past year. They...

Childhood Adversity Resilience & Mindfulness (CHARM) Conference

Register here: Asynchronous Modules Module: 1 ACEs Screening in Pediatrics: Going Above and Beyond, Stephanie Marcy, PhD Toxic Stress Physiology, Suzanne Roberts, MD Wellness Programming, Ilanit Brook, MD Multidisciplinary Weight Management, Patty Castillo, MD Social Emotional Determinants of Health, Amanda Daigle, MPH Welcome to the CHARM Conference! Piper Calasanti, MD Module: 2 Building Resilience with Healing Justice, Ashley Bennett, MD and Kelly...

Yoga for Trauma Recovery by Amy Osborne (Echo)

Basic yoga tools for anyone working with families impacted by toxic stress in their homes or communities, as well as for improving your own health and wellbeing. This training combines physical practice with the latest science on trauma and recovery. You will learn basic yoga and mindfulness techniques to practice in any environment – from the classroom to the office – to bring balance and peace to the mind and body. These tools provide a foundation for a practice that can alleviate and even...


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