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Coastal Coalition for Substance Awareness and Prevention Providing Trauma Informed Policing Training


The Coastal Coalition for Substance Awareness & Prevention (CCSAP) of New Bern, North Carolina is proud to offer an in-person day of trauma-informed training to members of law enforcement facilitated by national subject matter expert, Becky Haas.  This event for members of law enforcement is free of charge, however registration is required. A certificate of attendance with contact hours will be provided.

Trauma-Informed Police Training:

Law enforcement professionals have a history of successfully enhancing public safety through the use of available science. The science of DNA testing and finger printing are two such examples. Among the Resolutions of the International Association of Chiefs of Police adopted in 2019 is a resolution encouraging all law enforcement agencies to become well informed about the science of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) and numerous negative outcomes. By receiving training in Trauma Informed Policing, law enforcement agencies can increase empathetic approaches supported by ACEs science. Trainer Becky Haas is recognized as a subject matter expert in helping to equip members of law enforcement to use a trauma informed approach. Her Trauma Informed Policing Training was featured in October 2021 in the International Association of Chiefs of Police Magazine. (https://www.policechiefmagazin...a-informed-policing/)

Trauma Informed Policing – Leading for Change: This companion training session provides police leadership a roadmap for implementing a shift in department culture. Using a trauma informed approach in police work will not occur based on training alone. This session will help guide leadership as they create an action plan for lasting change.

Training provided by the Coastal Coalition for Substance Awareness & Prevention (CCSAP), funded by the Drug-Free Communities Support Grant Program.  For more information and to register:   Trauma-Informed Police Training Tickets, Thu, Aug 18, 2022 at 8:00 AM | Eventbrite

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