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September 2020

Hope and Justice Art: Young people can submit their creations! (

The Hope and Justice category was created under the guidance of educators, youth and young adults and community-based partners. While Directing Change will continue to offer it’s core film-focused contest and curriculums, the Hope and Justice category will accept and award submissions on a monthly basis and in multiple art forms. The Hope & Justice category is an opportunity for young people living through history to express their feelings, take action, and to inspire others through art.

Webinar: Leveling up Google Classroom for Distance Learning (

Don’t miss the next installment of our Mastering Distance Learning Webinar Series! Next up: Learn about how to maximize Google Classroom for remote teaching and learning purposes with embedded opportunities for social emotional learning, more complex assignments, interactive learning environments, tools for one-on-one student support, and opportunities to differentiate practice to fit your students' needs. September 28th from 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm PDT Register HERE.

How We’re Helping Underserved Students with On-site Healthcare (

Among the challenges low-income families face, access to healthcare is just as much a concern as receiving a quality education. We are working to improve healthcare access for our at-risk students through a new partnership that co-locates a clinic at a learning center. “We do everything we can to make wraparound services available so our students can concentrate on earning their diploma,” explained Shellie Hanes, area superintendent. “Most of our teens do not have access to healthcare, so...

John Bukshtine: A Voice Within (

When John’s mother was told by a respected university neurology specialist that her son was severely mentally retarded, she didn’t believe it for a minute. She knew her son was smart. A severe illness when he was a toddler left him silent, but she knew her son was not retarded. This determined mother sought a second opinion and found a doctor who was convinced that he was autistic and began the treatment he needed. John was not eager to try Learn4Life. He wanted to be in a traditional school...

Rudy’s Story (

Rudy’s early childhood was ordinary and happy; he enjoyed school, played sports, and had lots of friends. He always had a huge appetite for learning and was nicknamed “Speedy” by his fourth-grade teacher for his desire to finish his schoolwork before his classmates. Early on, Rudy’s home environment was solid and enjoyable. He was raised by two working class parents who taught him the importance of discipline, education, and respect. However, his father was an alcoholic and a drug addict who...

Partnership with HBCUs Helps At-risk Students Realize Their Dreams of Higher Education (

Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) are known for helping students of color and opportunity youth access an affordable and quality higher education. Realizing that high SAT scores and GPAs aren’t necessarily indicators of student success in college, HBCUs instead focus on developing learners through personalized learning and support. Learn4Life and FLEX High serve at-risk students and share this approach to recover dropouts, and promote college access, readiness and...

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