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Washington OKs 1st statewide missing Indigenous people alert (

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee on Thursday signed into law a bill that creates a first-in-the-nation statewide alert system for missing Indigenous people. The law creates a system similar to Amber Alerts and so-called silver alerts, which are used respectively for missing children and vulnerable adults in many states. The system will notify law enforcement when there’s a report of a missing Indigenous person. It will also place messages on highway reader boards and on the radio and social media,...

Your input needed! Survey, focus group, interview - your choice!

Hello, I am reaching out to you as someone who has registered for an Essentials for Childhood ACEs and Resilience Community of Practice gathering in the past three years. We would like your help so we can provide the best support and build resilience in local communities and set the future direction for the Community of Practice . There are three ways you can provide input: Take and share the survey! Sign up now to join one of the 2...

Tools to Mitigate Work Stress and Prevent Burnout: For Health Care Providers during COVID and Beyond  

Whether you work in a hospital, a safety net clinic, or in another health care setting, no health care provider working during the COVID-19 pandemic needs to read the flurry of news stories that highlight the extreme stress experienced by people in this line of work – you already know it firsthand. This webinar will introduce health care providers to the Community Resiliency Model ( CRM ), an evidence-based method of managing traumatic stress, preventing burnout and building resiliency. This...

Washington State Program Aims to End Youth Homelessness in Four Counties By End of Next Year []

By Elizabeth Amon, The Imprint, November 15, 2020 She had been homeless and struggling with depression and suicidal thoughts over three difficult years, when Elsa St Clair was released in January from an Idaho psychiatric hospital. Today, the 24-year-old enjoys a reliable internet connection in a Spokane apartment that she’s decorated with the flag of Eastern Washington University, where she hopes to study nursing. In preparation for her future career, she is about to start an online...

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