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Lancaster County ACEs & Resilience Connection (PA)

Working collaboratively with schools, business, healthcare, government agencies, social services, criminal justice systems, healthcare organizations & faith communities to become a trauma-informed community. We invite all concerned citizens, professionals & advocates to partner with us to raise awareness about trauma & its effects, to build resilience, and offer hope & healing.

Ever After film and talkback with Common Justice: Fri Oct 4

Please join us for a thought-provoking evening at Lancaster Theological Seminary on Friday evening, Oct 4, 7pm-9pm, where we'll explore the trauma of violence and the hope of healing and resilience through a series of short films and a talkback session moderated by the national advocacy organization, Common Justice. Here's a bit about Common Justice:

"Common Justice develops and advances solutions to violence that transform the lives of those harmed and foster racial equity without relying on incarceration. Locally, we operate the first alternative-to-incarceration and victim-service program in the United States that focuses on violent felonies in the adult courts. Nationally, we leverage the lessons from our direct service to transform the justice system through partnerships, advocacy, and elevating the experience and power of those most impacted. Rigorous and hopeful, we build practical strategies to hold people accountable for harm, break cycles of violence, and secure safety, healing, and justice for survivors and their communities."

Film and talkback/panel discussion: Ever After
with Aseante Renee, from Common Justice
Friday, October 4, 2019 
7PM - 9PM 
Lancaster Theological Seminary - Hafer Center 
555 West James St
Lancaster, PA
"Until we tell new and more complete stories about violence and its aftermath, we will never be able to transform our responses to it or to keep people safe and well.  "Ever After" tells those stories: stories of who have survived harm and people who have committed it; stories of violence, accountability, resilience and healing; and stories that will help us see things as they are and imagine what else is possible."
IMPORTANT NOTE: the subject matter of the short films and discussion is violence and its aftermath but also the hope of resilience and healing. While we hope it will be an inspiring and eye-opening evening, we also want to let you know that the subject matter may be difficult or triggering for some. We will have a chaplain on hand throughout the event for spiritual/emotional support.
SEATING IS LIMITED AND WE DO ASK THAT YOU RESERVE A SEAT IN ADVANCE TO HELP US PLAN SEATING FOR THE EVENING. To reserve your FREE seat for this thought-provoking evening, click here: 


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