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Lake County ACEs Connection (IN)

We envision flourishing communities where every neighbor acts as agent in creating the reality of our community, every neighbor has access to the necessary resources and supports to offer our gifts and talents to the community, and all community sectors are organized to engage the gifts and talents of every neighbor for the good of the community.

2020 reimagine conference Agenda Announced!


We are so excited about the sessions that will be presented by our prestigious speakers at the 2020 reimagine conference!  Here are just a few highlights!

Revising ACEs to Address Complex Trauma 

Dr. Kalyani Gopal, PhD, HSPP

ACEs were initially developed by Vincent Felitti, MD and Robert Anda, MD. This revision is based on clinical practice and current research for childhood adversity applicable to adults with mental illness. The ACEs-R is a questionnaire developed by Dr Gopal, Dr Gremley and Dr Felitti. Between March and June 2020 the pilot study was conducted in the Mid-America Psychological & Counseling Services, PC and the Mid-America Mental Health Clinics in Indiana and Illinois. Preliminary results will be shared with the participants.


Traumatic Experience in the Workplace

Dr. Jeanette Waegemakers Schiff, PhD

Organizations serving people vulnerable to homelessness have begun to report high rates of sick leave, stress leave and long-term disability leave in their work force.  One large  organization received notice that its disability insurance policy will not be renewed because of these high rates. Another reports sick leave due to stress at 20% of the work force.  Traumatic stress is identified as more problematic than burnout for these workers. Thus there is a pressing need to identify the responses that organizations can take to protect workers from added traumatic stress and differentiate it from a separate dynamic of burnout,  in order to continue to fulfill their work responsibilities. On a more theoretical and conceptual level, data in this presentation supports the fact that traumatic stress, and vicarious traumatization in staff are the same phenomena and need to be treated similarly.

Click here to see the full list of sessions!

Registration Deadline Extended!

Registration ends on October 5! Register by SEPTEMBER 30 to receive the conference swag bag in the mail!  

Click here for information about CEUs, schedule of events, and more!


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