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‘I needed to fix myself for my kids’: breaking the cycle of domestic abuse (The Guardian)


By Sarah Johnson, October 28, 2020, The Guardian.

Families with complicated lives are being helped by a project that supports both parents during their child’s first two years

When Jess* was 11 weeks pregnant, she got into an argument with her boyfriend, Robbie*, who lashed out and hit her. Jess had suffered a previous miscarriage and was terrified of losing another baby.

“I couldn’t go through it again,” says Jess. “The idea of losing another baby because of a decision taken by Robbie was really traumatic for me.”

She decided to go for a check up at her local hospital and while there, confided in a healthcare professional about the abuse she had suffered. “I asked for help to make Robbie see sense that what he was doing was wrong,” she says.

Things have changed loads,” says the father. “I’ve been drug free for ages; I’m a different person.” He grew up around domestic violence and was put into care, which he admits has had an impact on his adult life, years of which were spent in prison. He doesn’t want the same for his son. “I want him to grow up in a stable home,” he says. “I want to remain drug free and work on my behaviour and work through them [sic] issues.”

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