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Community Vitality []

From The Ford Family Foundation, April 2021 I N S I D E Mental health: Network of professionals aim to help infants/toddlers Disparities: Latino community suffers from disproportionate COVID infections, mortality Ford Scholar: An advocate for mitigating health risks Ag-tech: Farmer-centric solutions Wildfire Report: An ‘allhands’ approach needed. Hallie Ford Fellows: In the national spotlight Book Review: Mabel and the Fire [ Please click here to read more .]

Facilitating Attuned Interactions (FAN): A New Promising Practice for Building Relationships and Reflective Practice in Oregon []

By Linda Gilkerson and Kerry Cassidy Norton, Association of Maternal & Child Health Programs, March 2021 Within the past decade, home visiting programs for infants, young children, and families have greatly expanded. In 2018 alone, 286,108 families and 312,635 children received support through home visiting programs in the United States.1 This level of growth requires a skilled and supported workforce ready to address the complex challenges that families who are served experience. Home...

Oregon Lawmakers Discuss Bill that Could Eliminate Juvenile Court Fees []

By Associated Press, KEZI, February 6, 2021 During the 2021 legislative session, Oregon lawmakers, are discussing and considering a proposed bill that, if passed, would eliminate fees and court costs associated with juvenile delinquency matters. The fees being discussed include court appointed council, applying for court appointed council, financial penalties for unpaid fees, electronic monitoring, probation supervision and detention fees, explained Amy Miller, the executive director at...

Whole People Watch Weekend on ACEs Connection (Dec. 11th - 13th)

The Transform Trauma with ACEs Sciences FREE Film Festival continues this weekend. Please join us to watch parts 1, 2, and 3 of the PBS Whole People series at your convenience, on ACEs Connection, by clicking play on the videos below: Whole People | 101 | Childhood Trauma | Episode 1 (27 min) Preview: Whole People | 102 | Healing Communities | Preview | Episode 2 Whole People | 102 |Healing Communities Episode 2 (27 min) Whole People | 103 |A New Response | Episode 3 (27 min) This is one of...

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