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Iowa ACEs Action (IA)

Iowa ACEs Action connects individuals and communities across Iowa who are reducing adverse childhood experiences and the impact of toxic stress. This collaborative online community serves as the venue for sharing resources and best practices, and for launching discussion and open communication across all regions of our state.

Blog Entries

Rally for House Bill 914: Support our Direct Care Workforce

Thank you to everyone who reached out to legislators for our rally day on House Bill 914 Support Our Direct Care Workforce! A special thanks to Lutheran Family Services , Universal Mental Health Services , Alexander Youth Network , A Small Miracle and ACI-Dungarvin (North Carolina) , for having attendees who came to the legislature! If we missed anyone else who came to Raleigh, we apologize and hope you will let us know you were there! We had a fantastic press conference with Representative...

Iowa facing maternal health crisis []

By Robert O'Connor and Amy Ferguson, The Messenger, March 15, 2021 Like the rest of the United States, Iowa is facing a maternal health crisis. The maternal mortality rate in Iowa has almost doubled in recent years and significant racial disparities exist. Black mothers in Iowa have a pregnancy-related maternal mortality over six times higher than their white counterparts. But Iowa lawmakers have the chance to pass legislation that could reduce maternal mortality rates and improve outcomes...

Measuring Equity Through City Trees (

The term “urban forest” may sound like an oxymoron. When most of us think about forests, we may picture vast expanses of tall trunks and dappled sunlight filtering through the leaves, far from the busyness of the city. But the trees that line city streets and surround apartment complexes across the U.S. hold great value, in part because of their proximity to people. “Per tree, you’re getting way more value for an urban tree than a tree out in the wild,” says Mark McPherson, founder and...

Advocacy for Iowa's Families

The 2021 Iowa Legislative Session kicked off last week at a time when the needs of families are great. The pandemic and the inequities it furthers for low-income Iowans and Iowa communities of color and the systemic discrimination that continues to disenfranchise our neighbors all mean we have much work to do to create systems that prevent trauma to Iowa’s children and families. Over the past few months, Iowa ACEs 360 has partnered with local coalitions and organizations to hold advocacy...

Forum Topics

2015 Midwest Regional Summit

Lisa Cushatt
Please share here if you are from Iowa and attending the 2015 Midwest Regional Summit on Adverse Childhood Experiences in Chicago. We have a small group attending from Central Iowa, as well as a few other locations that we know of. For more on the...Read More...
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