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Next Blockbuster Drug: Busting Loneliness By: Dan Buettner

Check out this interview about combatting the different types of loneliness we may each be feeling at this time. Author of Together: The Healing Power of Human Connectedness in a Sometimes Lonely World , Dr. Vivek Murthy addresses the little things we can do every day that can mean the most to the ones we cherish and love. Check out the Interview Here. “I think it’s time that we can focus more on the amount of time that we spend with friends, the quality of that time, and finally on helping...

PBS for Hawaiʻi

Mahalo PBS Hawaii for providing such a great resource for our families and keiki during this time. Parents/caregivers, please check out PBS Hawaiʻi to support your keikiʻs needs during this time- but could we also put out a PSA that we should always try to pair screen time with active time!

"Broken Places" Documentary on PBS tonight at 10 p.m.

This is listed in the main calendar- please set your DVRs for 10 p.m. tonight (4/06) for the PBS viewing of Broken Places Caution: It is a difficult watch- but it does showcase the power of resilience and the need for trauma informed care. This blog will include "real time" thoughts as the documentary airs. Mahalo, Danny

"Drive thru Preschool" (General)

During this time of social distancing and the legitimate scare of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is important to develop a sense of "normalcy" for our little ones (keiki). We can do this by keeping them on a schedule, making sure that we are listening to their concerns and meet their unmet needs. Due to COVID-19 preschools in Hawai'i have shut its doors to instruction, however this preschool has continued to operate by meeting the needs of the homeless and at-risk homeless families they serve.

The Community Resilience Initiative

The Community Resilience Initiative (the Washington state based group that was behind the movie, "Paper Tigers") is an excellent resource for wellness and resilience building by employing trauma informed training and trauma responsive skillsets. I love my CRI One-Year calendar that provides inspirational quotes, research statistics and self-care practices and reminders. CRIʻs Thought of the Day: "Resilience- Become aware of the four cousin emotions: anger/frustration, sadness/disappointment,...

The Trauma Therapist Project (Intermediate-Advanced)

Aloha, As I post websites, journals, research, etc. for blog entries, I will add in parenthesis (General, Intermediate, Advanced) to help the reader sift through blog entries. It is not my intention to "flood your email box" with countless articles that may not be of assistance to you in your work or personal journey. This podcast is an excellent tool for therapist and practitioners. I particularly found Dr. Bruce Perry's (author of "The boy who was raised as a dog") podcast on "Staying...

Identifying the unmet need.

These are new and difficult times for children (for all of us), by identifying the "unmet need" of a child we help with the trauma they might be experiencing during the COVID-19. This article can help restore "rough waters" to "calm waters." Mahalo to Cissy White from the ACES Connection for this great article from the Fatherhood Channel .

Children and Families Coping with Covid-19

Children and families may be facing more adversity due to the economic and home impact of the Covid-19 outbreak. The Covid-19 situation is fluid and changing daily and I know it effects early childhood programs in a big way. The National Child Traumatic Stress Network put out a good guide on helping families cope with Coronavirus given so many changes to daily life; it is a great resource. Access it here: Parent/Caregiver Guide to Helping Families Cope With the Coronavirus Disease 2019. ...

Disrupting the "pipeline to prison" . . . better understand the impact of historical and trans-generational trauma There is an abundance of research that has been focusing on the "pipeline to prison" pathway. Policymakers need a clearer understanding of how historical and cultural trauma directly impacts generations of indigenous communities. I applaud Senator Dela Cruz as he is a champion for the cause, but we need more lawmakers to understand that we need to travel "further upstream" of ACEs to address the impact of toxic...

Directory of ACEs Connection How-Tos

Hi all- With the beautiful new changes to our site, please take a moment to review the updated "How-Tos" below . If you can't find what you need or are having issues with the site please let me know. ( Gail ) JOIN How-To: Join ACEs Connection How-To: Join ACEs Connection Groups INVITE How-To: Invite Others to Join ACEs Connection How-To: Invite Others to Join an ACEs Connection Group SIGN IN & UPDATE PROFILE How-To: Sign In to ACEs Connection How-To: Update Your...

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