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August 2020


Can we give a "shout out" to our educators!!! My youngest has started her distance learning at a Honolulu middle school- and while it is not the most optimum way to learn her 8th grade teachers (particularly her ELA teacher) are bringing it!!! Her teachers have done things like dressed in costumes, provided engaging and introspective questions, introduced new and challenging concepts and most of all, made each and every one of her students feel like they are part of a connected and loved...

"Listen . . ."

"I have toured the country for the past 10 years to talk to our young people. I’ve learned that the biggest threat to our humanity is not guns, mental illness or our government. It is that everyone is talking and no one is listening.” - Erahm Christopher, The Washington Post Checkout this link to learn more about the movie "Listen" and how you can view it. Powerful message on the lost art of conversation and how trauma responsive approaches includes listening and identifying the unmet need.

Yale School of Medicine, "Parenting During COVID-19"

Aloha, This is a great article on parenting during COVID-19. It provides some great tips that can be found on many sites. However, I did want to focus in on one piece of advice- "Increase predictability in your child's environment by developing and maintaining reasonable routines." Two key principles in building wellness and resilience through trauma informed care are to develop "safety and connection" for the individual. There is more research that supports the 'Predicting Brain" model that...

Educational Resources for Caregivers during COVID-19

Aloha, This is a great online resource that provides over 1500 links to educational activities that you can do at home with your keiki during COVID-19. I have clicked on several links and like that the materials (if needed) can be found around the home or outside and the use of open-ended questions. With the re-opening of our schools still in question, parents opting for 100% distance learning or what to do with the off-day from the "A/B" schedule- this resource can provide some great ideas...

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