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Kahewai Summit



We are having our 2nd Annual "Kahewai 0-5 Wellness and Resilience Summit on Thursday April  This conference is for the 0-5 providers (Family Childcare, Family Child Interactive Learning, Home Visiting and Center-based care). Our theme this year is, "Hā" or "breath."

The pandemic has been challenging for all of us, this virtual conference will focus on three types of breath:

- "Catching our breath." We have been through the "COVID" sprints and we simply need to breath to restore balance.

- "Breathing to restore." Self-care and mindfulness begins with being "self-aware."

- "Breathing to be able to think, plan and dream." When we are pono (balanced) we can see "over the horizon" and plan from our "higher brain."

Thursday April 21-22. The conference cost is $30 and you will have access to our videos for several months after the conference. If you are interested in registering, please click on this link or feel free to email me at




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