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How One State Achieved Breakthrough Improvements in a Highly Stressed Foster Care System []

This webinar shares the inspiring story of how Restore Hope Arkansas achieved dramatic improvements in the wellbeing of children and youth who were in (or who would have entered into) a highly stressed foster care system.

It is common to recognize challenges with the child protection and foster care system, yet most states have struggled to transform (or even significantly improve) these systems. The problem in Arkansas in 2016 was acute, with rapidly increasing numbers of children entering the system—and only 43% of those children being reunited with a biological parent. The system was under great stress as exhausted employees increasingly quit, making the problem even worse.

This webinar shares several innovations in the ways that many different stakeholders in Arkansas came together to achieve impressive improvements in system transformation. Participants will learn about powerful community strategy engagement techniques and the use of innovative technologies that could be adopted in other states to help reduce the stress on the systems and improve the wellbeing of children in difficult situations.

Speakers: Paul Chapman, the Director of Restore Hope Arkansas and Bill Barberg, President/Founder of InsightFormation, Inc.

Participants who fill out a post-webinar survey will gain access to a wealth of additional information!

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