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Three Conversations Every Child Welfare System Should Have to Start 2022 []


By Paul S. Dilorenzo, Photo: Unsplash, The Imprint, January 3, 2022

I'm not a big fan of New Year’s resolutions. They’re more of a sugar high than an actual meal. I favor the twelve step practice of daily introspection and ongoing self-reflection. It’s more realistic, longer lasting and helps us to understand the complexity of the tasks involved with real change. That’s because continuous examination requires us to ask: how I am being called to improve and to reflect on my decisions?

Regardless, it is time for us in child welfare to do some fearless soul searching as we begin 2022. We owe it to the public we serve and to each other to have a few difficult conversations. Otherwise, we will be driven by the crises and confusion of each day, or by goals that are unrealistic.

I recommend that every public and private child welfare agency, regardless of size, take the opportunity of a new calendar year to reflect on three issues and to create a process for a regularly scheduled inventory of their progress.

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