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Parenting in a Pandemic []


By Damon Korb, Medium, March 16, 2020

It is a well-known fact that children thrive when there are routines. This time of year most children wake up, get dressed, eat their breakfast, head off to school where they move from class to class, come home and have a snack, do some homework, have some free time or participate in an afterschool activity, eat dinner, and then get ready for bed. The daily life for most children is pretty mapped out and organized. But, as children suddenly need to stay sequestered home due to this unprecedented response to the coronavirus, unless parents are planful, it is easy for the structure to fall apart. When structure falls apart, restlessness sets in and chaos can take over.

It might be easy for a parent to treat this break as a vacation for their children, letting them sleep in, watch TV, play video games, and stay up late. But, even during vacations children behave better when there is structure. Here are some strategies to make being shut-in a more harmonious experience for everyone.

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