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Foster Boy: National Foster Care Month Screening []



You're invited to a nationwide screening of the award winning film, 'Foster Boy,' executive produced by Shaquille O'Neal and starring Matthew Modine, Shane Paul McGhie, Louis Gossett Jr., Amy Brenneman, & Julie Benz, and participate in a live Q&A about the importance of reforming the foster care system.




Screening window:
May 7 - May 10

Live Panel discussion + Q&A:
May 11th at 8:00 pm EST/7:00 pm CST/5:00 pm PST


Jay Paul Deratany

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Jay Paul Deratany is a trial lawyer, foster reform advocate, and the writer/producer of Foster Boy. He represents foster youth and their loved ones and strives to get justice for children who have been abused or neglected by the system. His firm, Deratany & Kosner, secured the largest-ever verdict in US history against a foster care company.

Karen Baynes-Dunning

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Karen Baynes-Dunning is a former juvenile court judge who has spent decades working to create opportunities, equity, and justice for youth and their families. She serves as the court-appointed monitor of reform effort projects at the Georgia Department of Family and Children Services.

Moderator: Carnitra White

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Carnitra White holds a Masters of Social Work and has spent 27 years in the human services field working to oversee child welfare systems at the state and local levels. She’s currently the Director of Anne Arundel County’s DSS.

Molly Tierney

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Molly Tierney currently serves as the Child Welfare Industry Lead for Accenture’s North America Public Sector Practice. She has decades of experience working to improve the lives of foster youth, formerly working as the Director for the Baltimore City Department of Social Services.

Matthew Wollack

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Matthew Wollack is the President & CEO of ENoble. He is a social worker who comes from generations of child welfare professionals in his family before him. Wollack is currently utilizing the experiences and lessons he has learned about the broken foster care system to help create technology solutions that protect and uplift foster youth.



When trial attorney Jay Paul Deratany began diving into the legal world of foster care and foster-youth related cases, he was shocked and horrified at what he saw. The flagrant corruption, negligence, and abuse throughout the system deeply disturbed him and transformed him into a dedicated advocate for foster care reform. His real-life passion is what brought Foster Boy to life as he wrote and produced it.

Foster Boy is inspired by the damning details of cases that Jay Paul Deratany saw. The film is meant to shatter people’s assumptions and ignorance about foster care, dismantle stereotypes about kids that endure abuse in the foster care system, and inspire viewers to act. In honor of May being National Foster Care Month, Deratany & Kosner has put together a unique virtual screening event in collaboration with other organizations, activists, and foster reform fighters.

This exclusive screening is designed for advocates and people within and adjacent to the space of foster care and for-profit foster care reform. After the screening, there will be a Q&A with Jay Paul Deratany and several special guests to discuss the film, its all-too-real inspiration, and how we can collectively come together to keep sharing stories and #FixFoster Care.



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