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Using horses to help children & families with trauma heal for over a decade. (


Equine-Assisted therapy for the impact of substance abuse & trauma on children & families.

Children need support when parents struggle with addiction.  Horses Healing Hearts has provided life-changing and saving support for over 13 years.

We provide equine therapy in South Florida for the adverse impact of substance abuse on children & families. Having helped at-risk youth for over a decade, we continue to provide prevention efforts with youth from homes with addiction. Horses Healing Hearts has expanded to serve people of all ages facing trauma and adversity.

A safe space + horses = changed and saved lives.

Now imagine a place of acceptance and hope.
A safe space where children meet others who struggle with the same life experiences.
A retreat where they ride horses, laugh, and share feelings they’ve had to hide. No more secrets, shame or embarrassment. They learn life coping skills from mentors who have survived growing up like them. Sometimes these volunteers teach ways to get through it. Other times they just listen. For the first time, the kids feel accepted, hopeful and empowered. This is the power of HHH equine therapy in South Florida.

To learn more, please visit the website HERE.

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